Matt Bellamy_09 November 2018 - Fire Malibu Studio, Malibu

Fire Malibu Studio/ Matt Bellamy (Instagram): "Release an album, and the same day my studio where wrote it all about to burn down! Watching on security cam. I literally want to kiss this helicopter pilot, whoever you are free Muse tickets for life and your entire team!"

Elle Evans (Instagram): "Looks like the flames are in the lower level of our backyard 😔 but so thankful for the hero helicopter pilot who is dropping water on us in the third video!! The cameras stopped recording a few minutes after ..... Thankfully we are safe, but this is still so devastating for our community 😢 "

Malibu Fire Jumps to 35,000 Acres as Dozens of Homes Destroyed


09 November 2018 "SIMULATION THEORY" Album 8_ Tracks LIVE CONCERT

10. Dig Down
11. The Void

Simulation Theory, album 8    http://www.musewiki.org/Simulation_Theory_(album)

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