Matt Bellamy and Elle Evans_11 June 2015 - Chiltern Firehouse, London

Polite: Elle Evans has clearly got Muse frontman Matt Bellamy wrapped around her little finger - as she proved when they dined out at the Chiltern Firehouse on Thursday evening

Lightweight: Carrying just a little Selfridges bag, Elle didn't break a sweat as she emerged from their vehicle

He's got some serious baggage! The rocker, 37, assumed chivalry duties as they arrived at the Marylebone diner, carrying her Christian Louboutin shopping bags

Looking on: Elle - who was a dancer in Robin Thick's Blurred Lines video and bares a striking resemblance to Kate Judson, Matthew's ex -simply watched Matt's progress

What a gent! Even as they entered the building she simply flashed him an approving look while empty-handed on her left side. Still, Matthew didn't seem to make a big deal out of it - and politely smiled, instead

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