MUSE Concert (Multi-Cam 360º) _28 August 2011 — Reading Festival UK

1.  New Born (Origin Of Symmetry) (Matt-Cam)
2. Bliss (Origin Of Symmetry) (Matt-Cam)
3. Space Dementia  (Origin Of Symmetry) (Matt-Cam)
3.  Space Dementia  (Origin Of Symmetry) (Muse-Cam)
4. Hyper Music  (Origin Of Symmetry) (Matt-Cam)
5. Plug In Baby  (Origin Of Symmetry) (Matt-Cam)

7. Micro Cuts  (Origin Of Symmetry) (Matt-Cam)
8. Screenager   (Origin Of Symmetry) (Matt-Cam)
10. Feeling Good  (Origin Of Symmetry) (Matt-Cam)
10. Feeling Good  (Origin Of Symmetry) (Muse-Cam) 
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________MUSE Concert (full)_____Reading Festival _______
MUSE Concert _28 August 2011 — Reading Festival UK
Performance: Origin Of Symmetry 10th Anniversary
What's He Building (intro music)
New Born (Origin Of Symmetry)
Bliss (Origin Of Symmetry)
Space Dementia  (Origin Of Symmetry)
Hyper Music  (Origin Of Symmetry)
Plug In Baby  (Origin Of Symmetry)
Citizen Erased  (Origin Of Symmetry)
Micro Cuts  (Origin Of Symmetry)
Screenager   (Origin Of Symmetry)
Darkshines  (Origin Of Symmetry)
Feeling Good  (Origin Of Symmetry)
Megalomania  (Origin Of Symmetry)
Stadium Siren/We Are the Universe Intro
Uprising (The Resistance)
Supermassive Black Hole (BH and R)
Interlude + Hysteria (Absolution)
Stockholm Syndrome (Absolution)
Helsinki Jam 
Undisclosed Desires (The Resistance)
Adagio for Strings snippet+ Resistance  (The Resistance)
Starlight (BH and R)
House of the Rising Sun + Time Is Running Out (Absolution)

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