INTERVIEW MUSE- December 2013 - KEVIN & BEAN, KROQ, Los Angeles

Matt Bellamy - Dom Howard - Kevin Ryder

It’s been a long year for Muse, a succession of years upon years of success that seems never-ending for the British rock band, despite the fact that two-thirds of the band spends most of their rare “off” time in Los Angeles. Matt Bellamy lives here with his fiancée Kate Hudson and the band has just finished up their three week break. It wasn’t much of a break, though. 
Bellamy, joined by drummer Dominic Howard, admitted to Kevin & Bean that he picked up the guitar yesterday and strummed some stuff out.  It’s only been a year or so since the release of 2012’s The 2nd Law, but after some prodding, Bellamy said the band hopes to put something out in 2015 and maybe play that year’s KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. Bellamy has been listening to rock music again and has become a renewed fan of the three-piece set up. He says the new Muse stuff will sound like Muse’s origin music, joking that his new-found interest in classic rock will make the album sound like AC/DC’s Back In Black
“It’s difficult to predict because you never know what the songs are going to be like and how the recording process goes,” replied Bellamy when asked what the new stuff will sound like. “We are going back to a more basic rock sound I think, so that might make things move a little quicker. I don’t know.” 
It wasn’t always that way, though. For a period of time, Bellamy refused to listen to music or would listen to something softer.
“I went through a stage where I stopped listening to music,” elaborated Bellamy. “I found it influencing me and stuff like that, so I sort of cut off listening to music altogether. I kind of thought that I’d write purer music if I didn’t have any sort of outside influence at all…I went for a while where I was listening to everything but rock. I was listening to classical music, jazz, and other things that were for me out of what we do because we spend all of our days listening to like screamingly loud amps and Dom’s crash symbols were literally deafening.  So when you go home, you want to listen to something different.” 
Subsequently, Muse’s last two albums were a lot more experimental and mellow, something that is highlighted in their new live performance DVD and Blu-Ray called Live at Rome Olympic Stadium which was recorded on July 6th with high-definition 4k cameras. The viewer can see every little detail of the band–including Bellamy’s “odd spot” or two. With sound mixed expertly by producer Chris Lord-Alge, the performance was iconic for the band who hadn’t played to the “volatile” audience in Rome in about a decade. 
The band was able to use the dome-style Olympic stadium for their “next level theatrics” with the theme of “energy usage and energy consumption” that included live actors like a fake Euro banker who poured euros all over the audience and a business woman who dies drowning herself in oil and fuel.
“But then she comes back as an angel floating from a light bulb so there’s a happy ending,” joked Bellamy cheerily. 
Despite Muse’s epic success, the band seems down-to-earth. Bellamy talks about meeting his idols Brian May and Tom Morello which made Bellamy the most starstruck he’s “ever been.”
“I still can’t quite relax when I’m around Tom Morello. He actually came to a party at my house here. We had a New Year’s Eve party and he was the first guest that turned up,” said Bellamy, who said he couldn’t “quite handle” that Morello was there even though Bellamy called him a “cool, down-to-earth” guy. 
Which is exactly how fans feel about Bellamy. Odd spot and all.

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