VIDEOCLIP OFFICIAL "ANIMALS": Top 5 _ Project Finalists

15 MARCH 2013_ MUSE teamed up with Genero to give filmmakers the chance to make the music video for Animals, from their new album, The 2nd Law. The band have narrowed it down to their top 5 and now want some input from you. Use the vote buttons to let Muse know your favourite!

The band will be picking the overall winner next week and it will be announced here on Facebook and the official website muse.mu. The winner will receive £3,000 and have their video uploaded to the Muse website and YouTube channel.

So click HERE to head-over to Facebook to see all the videos again and cast your vote now!

 Top 5 _ Project Finalists:

Competition Winner!!!! (3,343 votes)
Directed and Story by: Inês Freitas and Miguel Mendes 
Animated and Edited by: Inês Freitas 
>>> http://www.onenessteam.net/blog/
Writer, Director and Editor: Biktor Kero 
Executive production: Ádel Kháder and Biktor Kero 
Production Manager: Ádel Kháder 
Cinematography: Francisco Burgos
Art Director: Juan A. Gil 
Written, produced, directed and shot by Woofy 
Writer/Director/Editor - Michał Byra 
DOP/Editor - Robert Gajzler 
Réalisateur: Franck Koné
Mis 6 favoritos Competition to MAKE the video for ANIMALS
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