MUSE: Competition to MAKE the video for ANIMALS

MUSE  have teamed up with video website genero.tv to launch a competition to make the video for ANIMALS
genero.tv/MUSE/animals   http://genero.tv/muse/videos

VIDEOCLIP OFFICIAL "ANIMALS": Top 5 _ Project Finalists (by MUSE)


Mis favoritos:

The Training describes the process of one subject, identified as Mr X, immersed in a mysterious and clandestine training procedure, run by a scientific organization called NEA, in order to analyze the boundaries and limits of human nature.
Writer, Director and Editor: Biktor Kero.
Executive production: Ádel Kháder and Biktor Kero.
Production Manager: Ádel Kháder
Cinematography: Francisco Burgos.
Art Director: Juan A. Gil
Line Producer: Leticia L. Melchor.
1st Assistant director: Kike Ramírez
Camerawoman: Delia Márquez.
Costume designer: Carmen Acosta.
Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist: Lulú Pérez.
Production Assistant: Eva Lara
Art Assistant: Isabella de Haro
2nd Assistant Director: Juan Fleta
Electricians: Mariví Carrillo and Manuel Peñuela
Produced by:  Visual Quests and Infodel Media.
José Vallejo
Ana Miriam Muñoz
Razvan Rosu
Fran Millán
Juan Fleta
Miguel Guardiola
Adrián López
Laura Benavides
Mariví Carrillo
There's a hot new property on the intergalactic stock exchange: Planet Earth...would you invest?


 Alien Stock Broker - Thomas Synnott-Bell 
Alien Scientist - Charlotte Meades 

 Director & DOP - Lauren Hatchard 
Production Manager- Ian Thompson 
Edited & Colour graded - Samuel Rainey 
Costume Design - Emily Meades 
Set Design - Shannon James 
Production Assistant - Amanda Cooper 
3D model designer for city – Nick Ward 
Assistant to 3D model designer – Jon Ward 
Visual Effects Designer for green and red holograms - Nathan Pascoe 
Visual Effects Designer for microscope view – Vince Lund 
Visual Effects Designer for blue hologram – Sam Piggott


 A dreamy, surreal take on the values in society and the forming of an almighty presence among it. 
Film by Nathan Hussein & Thomas Wightwick 
Supporting ideas by Nancy O'Connor 
Photography by Nathan Hussein & Thomas Wightwick 
Animation & Post Production by Nathan Hussein

genero.tv/MUSE/ animals http://genero.tv/muse/videos
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