"The 2nd Law" ALBUM (audio)




3 Panic Station 



7 Animals 

10 Save Me (by Chris Wolstenholme)

11 Liquid State (by Chris Wolstenholme)

12 The 2nd Law: Unsustainable   

13 The 2nd Law: Isolated System


"THE 2ND LAW" Album 6_ LIVE CONCERT (videos)

The 2nd Law /SoundCloud/MUSE (tracks)

The 2nd Law Album 

"Survival"_ 12 August 2012 - Olympic Games Closing Ceremony, London (video)

MADNESS official video

MUSE_30 September 2012_ The Roundhouse, iTunes Festival, London, UK(concert, full)

MUSE_20 September 2012 - E Werk, Cologne, Germany (images)

MUSE_20 September 2012 - E Werk, Cologne, Germany (videos) / SUPREMACY / PANIC STATION / ANIMALS / SAVE ME/MADNESS  / FOLLOW ME / SURVIVAL

MUSE 2012

Matthew Bellamy en el diván de la Prensa

BIOgraphy MUSE

Public access MUSE discography



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