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"THE 2ND LAW" Album 6_ Tracks LIVE CONCERT


The 2nd Law Album 6:


Madness (20 August 2012: http://abelgaloismuse.blogspot.com.es/2012/08/muse-madness.html)

Panic Station


5 Survival (Official song for the London 2012 Olympic Games)

6 Follow Me (The beginning of the track features Bingham Bellamy's heartbeat. According to Bellamy, the song will be about 'having a baby and that'. This was later confirmed in an NME article where the song was described as Matt's 'ode to fatherhood.)

7 Animals

8 Explorers

9 Big Freeze

10 Save Me (is one of two songs on the album written by Chris about his alcoholism)

11 Liquid State (is one of two songs on the album written by Chris about his struggle with alcoholism)

12 The 2nd Law: Unsustainable (videoclip)

13 The 2nd Law: Isolated System


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  1. Hi, excellent website, I want to know if you have the booklet of this album (the 2nd law) I bought the original digipack (CD-DVD), but not contained, I wonder if you have it, you could give me a copy? pardon my not speak English well
    Could you send me the answer to this email: jeffrick09@gmail.com
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